Apple Intelligence was one of Apple’s most exciting and focused announcements during WWDC 2024.

    Even though Apple announced that Apple Intelligence would be available in the fall of 2024, reports now suggest that this feature will be fully available on your devices in the second quarter of 2025.

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    Departing from its usual approach, Apple has announced a vague timeline for the arrival of Apple Intelligence features on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. For one, the Apple Intelligence-based features are unavailable in the developer beta.

    They will also not be available in the public betas, which are expected to be announced in July 2024. Consequently, both regular users and developers will have to wait until the public release of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia to get their hands on Apple Intelligence.

    Apple Intelligence is expected to be in a preview mode, meaning that not everyone will have first-hand access to it. Instead, Apple is expected to roll out a beta system where users can express interest in these features and test them on a limited set of devices.

    Some reports also suggest that there could be a waitlist for accessing these features. More importantly, Apple Intelligence will initially be available only on devices using American English. This strategy considers the recent issues that companies like Microsoft and Google had with their AI tools.

    In particular, features like the super-powerful Siri or semantic indexing will only be available in the second quarter of 2025. For instance, if you want Siri to control all your applications and provide synthesized information, you must wait until 2025.

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    The same goes for on-screen awareness, which takes a lot of trial and error to perfect. Overall, even if you manage to sign up for the preview release of Apple Intelligence in fall 2024, you will experience only a limited version of this AI system. However, Apple is expected to benefit from this gradual rollout, aiming to avoid the issues Google encountered with its AI tools.

    The company has also specified that certain features, such as smart home controls via the Apple Home app and multiple live streams over Apple TV or Vision Pro, will not be part of the earliest iOS 18, iPadOS 18, visionOS 2, or macOS Sequoia releases.

    However, all this waiting for Apple Intelligence appears worthwhile, considering what the AI system claims to offer. This built-in personal AI system can potentially transform how you use your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices.

    Among other features, ChatGPT integration is also made possible through Apple Intelligence without causing privacy concerns. Sources suggest that Apple is looking forward to collaborations with other LLMs from players like Google and Anthropic.


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