Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media apps. So, I understand your frustration when you get an interesting Snap but cannot find the actual image because Snapchat is still loading the picture. It can be pretty annoying if it happens during an active conversation.

    However, you can quickly fix the Snapchat loading picture issue using straightforward steps. I will help you do it through this guide.

    Fixing the Snapchat Loading Picture Issue

    Network problems, outdated applications, older operating systems, or technical glitches cause the Snapchat loading picture issue. You can solve app-based issues by reinstalling the Snapchat application. It is also good to check the internet connection and turn off VPNs.

    What Is the Snapchat Loading Picture Issue?

    The Snapchat loading picture issue refers to a situation where the Snapchat application cannot display one of the pictures or snaps that you have received. Snapchat may show nothing or a placeholder instead of the picture. Sometimes, the picture may take several seconds or minutes to load correctly.

    Like many issues with Snapchat and other social media apps, there is no universal reason for the loading picture error. This is particularly so because Snapchat is available for thousands of Android phones and all iPhone models.

    Therefore, based on your region, device, settings, and environment, many reasons may cause the Snapchat loading pic error.

    Reasons for the Snapchat Loading Picture Issue

    I will provide a quick overview of the common reasons for the Snapchat loading picture issue. Some reasons only apply to iPhone or Android, whereas others are general causes.

    • It could be a network issue with your Wi-Fi connection or cellular internet.
    • Sometimes, the snap or image may contain unsupported content.
    • The Snapchat app may not have access to device storage or speakers.
    • Issues with the Snapchat app can also cause the picture-loading issue.
    • You may find this error if you use an outdated version of Snapchat.
    • The delay in loading the picture could also be due to slower device performance.
    • Finally, device-specific issues can also cause the Snapchat image issue.

    There is also a scarce possibility of a Snapchat outage; that is, if the Snapchat service faces technical issues or uptime concerns, there may be delays in loading the pictures or snaps. But, in this case, you will already receive a notification. More importantly, these outages do not last more than a few minutes.

    Though you cannot do anything about a Snapchat outage or a buggy version of the app, other problems have proper solutions.

    Ways to Fix the Snapchat Loading Picture Issue

    #1 Check Network Access

    This is a no-brainer idea, but Snapchat requires an active internet connection to display pictures and other content. So, if you do not have WiFi or cellular data access, the images will not load.

    First, you should check whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi network with internet access. Sometimes, your Wi-Fi network may say connected, but the router may not have access to the internet.

    Similarly, it is a good idea to check whether you have restricted Snapchat to Wi-Fi networks only. In this case, even if you are connected to cellular data, Snapchat may not load information like images.

    Network Access Settings

    In my opinion, you should try shifting back and forth between cellular data and Wi-Fi to see whether these connections solve the problem.

    I also recommend checking the internet speed of your connection.

    You may have trouble loading Snapchat pictures and other attachments if you have a low-speed internet connection. To solve this scenario, you may consider shifting to another network.

    #2 Restart the Snapchat App

    Even though app developers try their best, temporary errors are common on iOS and Android applications. And Snapchat is no exception. So, the app may not load the picture due to one of these issues.

    On both Android and iPhone, you can simply close the app and restart it.

    • On Android, you even have the option to force quit the application so that it will properly reload.
    • You can open the app drawer on your iPhone and push the Snapchat interface to the top.

    Once you restart the app, you can navigate to the profile/inbox where you found the picture. It should work fine this time.

    Snapchat picture icon

    #3 Check for Snapchat Outage

    If you have confirmed a proper internet connection and restarted the app, it is a good time to check whether there is a Snapchat outage.

    As I said earlier, you might already know this from someone, but it’s a good idea to check it. It is a backup step before exploring device-based changes and app modifications.

    #4 Turn off VPN, if any

    Do you use VPN connections for additional security or to access blocked content?

    While VPNs are great, they can sometimes impact the general browsing speed. If you are connected to a server far away, your device may have trouble downloading and showing content on Snapchat.

    Hence, before you make changes to the app, you should try turning off the VPN and opening the image again. If it appears, you are good to go. Otherwise, you can follow the next solutions.

    #5 Check Snapchat Permissions

    Like other applications, Snapchat also requires system permissions to work correctly. If it’s your first time using Snapchat on your Android or iPhone, you may have skipped one of these demanded permissions. But there is nothing to worry about. You can change the permissions from the settings pane.

    • Go to Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Permissions on Android and check all the options.
    • On iPhone, go to Settings > Snapchat > modify permissions.

    You still have some options here. If you want, you can restrict permission to access data and storage. If you wish to access the microphone and camera (duh), you can enable these options later.

    Snapchat Permission Settings

    By the way, you can use the Clear Cache option within the Snapchat app. It may not be as effective as System Settings, though.

    #6 Clear Snapchat Cache

    The Snapchat app on Android and iOS will accumulate cache and junk information over time. This junk data may prevent the app from freshly fetching a new snap or image. To avoid this possibility, you should clear the Snapchat cache on your device.

    • On Android, go to Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Clear Cache.
    • You may need a third-party app to clear the Snapchat cache on your iPhone.

    Sometimes, when you clear the cache, Snapchat may end the session. You can, however, log back in and try opening the image/Snap.

    #7 Update Snapchat and Your Device

    Software updates are no silly thing. They can make or break your device, depending on what you’re using. So, it’s crucial to update your apps and OS to the latest available version.

    First, you must update Snapchat to the latest version from the Play Store or the App Store. This process will not take more than a few seconds.

    Snapchat on App Store

    Second, if the issue persists, you need to check whether your iPhone or Android smartphone is updated to the latest version of iOS or Android.

    If you want to go the extra mile, uninstall Snapchat from your device first. Then, after a restart, you can re-install the app from the Play Store or App Store.

    #8 Miscellaneous

    Here are a few other steps that you can take to fix the Snapchat loading picture issue.

    • You should check whether you can access the image you are trying to load. This conflict may happen if you are not friends with the person or there are privacy changes to the snap.
    • On a related note, you can ask the person to send the snap again. You may have trouble accessing the snap if there is a technical glitch during the sending process.
    • If updating the app and the device has not solved the problem, you should also try contacting Snapchat customer support. It may have something to do with your specific device or account settings. In this case, you may also create a new Snapchat account.
    • Some users also suggest that Wi-Fi DNS could be causing the Snapchat picture loading issue. So, if you use a custom DNS, you may want to change it.
    • Similarly, your current ISP may not have a DNS that is not so good. So, you should consider upgrading to the Google Public DNS or Cloudflare DNS.

    With these steps, you can solve the Snapchat pic not loading issue and return to snapping.

    Other Loading Issues with Snapchat

    Here are two issues that you may come across while using Snapchat.

    • Snapchat does not load older pictures while browsing your chat history.
    • Snapchat does not load snaps or stories.

    You can use the same methods to solve these problems. In most cases, a network issue or a bug with the Snapchat app is responsible. So, a clean re-install will be the best option.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why won’t my Snapchat pics load?

    Your Snapchat pics may not load due to network issues or a particular bug in the Snapchat application. The sender could also have restricted you from opening the specific picture. It is also a good idea to turn off VPN while browsing Snapchat.

    How do I open a picture on Snapchat?

    You can open a picture on Snapchat by tapping on it. If you have a good internet connection and access to the picture, it will open on full screen.

    Why can’t I see saved photos on Snapchat?

    You may not have access to saved photos on Snapchat because you accidentally deleted the images. You could also save these photos in the For My Eyes Only folder.

    How do I get the saved Snapchats to load?

    After updating the application to the latest version, you can access Snapchat memories by going to the specific folder.

    Why is my Snapchat not loading fast?

    Your Snapchat may take longer to load because of a poor internet connection. It could also be caused by an active VPN connection, which can slow down the downloading process.


    I am sure this guide helped you fix the Snapchat loading picture issue.

    As someone who comes across this error often, I have always found that the network is to be blamed here. However, once in a while, Snapchat comes across technical glitches.

    But considering the joy you get out of Snapchat, I think that’s something we can all forgive.


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