iMessage is well-liked for many things and has become a big reason for picking iPhones over Android. Yet, many iMessage users do not know they can play cool games within the application. They are no AAA titles, but they are fun. Gomoku is one of those popular games that you can play on iMessage.

    So, if you want to know more, this guide will tell you how to play Gomoku on iMessage.

    Play Gomoku on iMessage

    To play Gomoku on iMessage, you need to download the GamePigeon app. Once you have installed this app, you can launch the Gomoku game and make your first move with your iMessage friend. It wants you to create a 5-piece line using the assigned pieces.

    About Gomoku

    Gomoku is an old board game, but you can play it in iMessage through GamePigeon. It is similar to Go, a popular game in South Asia. Gomoku uses Go pieces (black and white) for the gameplay. However, it is simpler than Go.

    Fortunately, playing Gomoku on iMessage is as easy as the game of Gomoku.

    How to Play Gomoku on iMessage

    Step #1 Getting Started

    To get started, you need an iPhone that runs the latest version of iMessage. Because it is a two-player game, you should also have a friend with iMessage enabled on their iPhone.

    This might also work on iPad devices, but we have tested this only on our iPhones.

    First, open iMessage on your iPhone and load the conversation with your friend.

    Step #2 Installing Gomoku

    Now, you have to install GamePigeon on your iPhone. The steps are.

    • Tap the + button on the bottom left portion of the conversation screen.
    Installing Gomoku
    • Scroll down and tap Store.
    • Use the Search button and find GamePigeon.
    GamePigeon in app store
    • Tap Install and authorize the process.

    Now, you can close the interface and go back to iMessage.

    Step #3 Starting the Game

    Now that you have installed the game, you can start playing it on iMessage. To do this,

    • Open the iMessage conversation with your friend.
    • Tap + and choose GamePigeon.
    • Choose Gomoku from the menu that appears.
    Gomoku on iMessage
    • Hit Send, but you can add a message if you like.
    Gomoku on iMessage Games tab

    Now, you can start playing Gomoku with your friend on iMessage.

    The great thing about playing Gomoku on iMessage is that you do not have to be online simultaneously. The game will start once the opponent is available. You can make your first move and then close the application. When the opponent makes their move, you will get a notification.

    Playing Gomoku

    This way, the gameplay continues.

    Objective of Gomoku on iMessage

    Now that you know how to set up Gomoku on iMessage and start playing, let’s discuss the gameplay.

    First, we’ll look at the objective of Gomoku. Multiple game versions exist, but the Gomoku you find on iMessage is simplified.

    It uses a 15×15 Go board, and the idea is to create an unbroken line of 5 stones of the player’s color: black or white. This line can be made horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There are advanced versions of this rule, but they do not apply to the iMessage version.

    When you start Gomoku on iMessage, you and the opponent will be allotted black or white.

    Luckily, there aren’t many rules.

    Rules of Gomoku

    Here are the primary rules of the Gomoku iMessage version.

    • The only strict rule about Gomoku is that the player with the black pieces will make the first move. After that, the other player can start.
    • The idea is to arrange your pieces so that you are the first to complete a line of five stones of your assigned color.
    • However, you must also prevent the opponent from completing a 5-stone line. In some steps, preventing the opponent from completing a line is more important than expanding your own.

    Gameplay Explained

    Let me share some ideas about the gameplay as well.

    Compared to other strategy games, Gomoku is pretty simple, and you shouldn’t necessarily consider it a competitive game. It’s more something you would play to pass the time when you’re on the subway or stuck in a boring meeting. However, if you are planning to win at Gomoku, there are some tips you can follow.

    For instance, it is essential to have a strategy for creating the 5-line of pieces. Equally important is blocking the other player’s line instead of only focusing on making your own. Learning the playing patterns of your opponent can also help you develop a more effective strategy. If you’re serious about improving, practicing regularly can also aid in perfecting your gameplay.

    Another thing to consider is the intrinsic advantage the first player, who uses the black pieces, typically has. If you’re getting into a competitive game of Gomoku, you might want to ask your friend to send the play request so you can make the first move.

    But, in the end, remember that it’s just an iMessage game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the rules of Gomoku?

    There aren’t any complex rules to Gomoku. The only rule is that the black color piece can make the first move. You can create the line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

    How do you win in Gomoku?

    To win in Gomoku, you need to create a line consisting of 5 of your pieces. You have the freedom to create this line in any direction. That is, you can form it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The first person to make this consecutive line wins the game.

    What is the aim of Gomoku?

    The aim of Gomoku is to have fun, but if you are planning to win the game, you have to create a five-piece line consisting of pieces of the color assigned to you.

    What is the first move in Gomoku?

    You have freedom over the first move in Gomoku. This means the first player (with the black piece) can place the piece anywhere on the board.

    Does Black always win Gomoku?

    Black does not always win in Gomoku. However, the black player, who always makes the first move, has an intrinsic advantage. It happens due to the number of pieces in the line and the arrangement of the Go board.


    I hope I at least introduced you to an interesting tab on iMessage.

    The good thing about GamePigeon is that it has many puzzle games. Some of them are complex, while most are simple. So you get quite a few ways to engage with your friends.

    Interestingly, I remember reading somewhere that Gomoku used to serve as a pre-game for something more complex and competitive. So, remember not to get too competitive when playing this game—it’s all about having fun and enjoying the time with your friends.


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