With smartphones and an internet connection, you do not need additional gateways for entertainment. But if YouTube, Instagram, and podcast apps cannot quench your thirst, you can explore radio apps. These apps give you access to Internet radio and conventional radio stations.

    Here, I have listed the 11 best Android radio apps in 2024.

    1. TuneIn Radio

    TuneIn Radio is one of the most popular radio apps in 2024. In addition to providing access to more than 100,000 live radio stations, TuneIn Radio also offers a collection of podcasts and other shows. Personalization is a significant feature here, as it can recommend the best stations and podcasts according to your tastes.

    TuneIn Radio app

    Offline listening and car mode add more convenience, allowing you to use the listening system throughout your day.

    I also appreciate this radio app’s intuitive design, making it easy to navigate through its different sections. You can choose a radio station based on your preferences, such as music or news content. The best part is that you can even access breaking news content without worrying about annoying advertisements.

    2. iHeartRadio

    iHeartRadio is another excellent option for listening to live radio content, podcasts, or music. Like other applications, it provides access to some of the most popular radio stations in Australia, the US, and New Zealand. The user interface allows users to switch between these categories and explore new content effortlessly.

    iHeartRadio app

    You can also create personalized playlists to focus on a particular genre or theme. This Android radio app has WearOS support, allowing you to manage everything from your Android smartwatch. IHeartRadio offers a superior user experience on tablet devices compared to other applications. I recommend this radio app if you want something optimized for free music streaming.

    Thanks to its integration with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can integrate iHeartRadio with your smart routines.

    3. Simple Radio

    Staying true to its name, Simple Radio is one of the easiest ways to access live FM, AM, and online radio stations from Echo Select. You have access to more than 70,000 radio stations that you can arrange according to your preferences and tastes. The Discover option provides personalized recommendations and allows beginners to find the best options quickly.

    Simple Radio app

    There are also convenience-oriented features, such as the Sleep Timer and Dark Mode, which are easy on the eyes. The simple user interface is arguably the best feature of the Simple Radio app. The app’s number of online radio stations keeps increasing, ensuring you never run out of entertainment options for the day.

    I love this app for its minimal ads and in-app purchase pop-ups. You can enjoy all your AM/FM radio stations without interruptions.

    4. Radio Garden

    Something I like about radio apps is that you can explore stations from all over the world. With a good collection of stations, it’s a beautiful process. Radio Garden makes this process even more incredible to experience. Instead of going through a list of radio stations, you get a globe interface. You can rotate this globe and zoom in on areas to find the radio stations available from that place.

    Radio Garden app

    So, if you want to listen to a radio station from the UK or New Zealand, you can simply do that through a few gestures. The collection of radio stations in Radio Garden is impressive. But even better is the part where you learn about different cultures and local communities worldwide. Like other radio apps, you get standard features like dark mode and the option to search for radio stations if you want something specific.

    While there are few recommendations, you can always mark one of these stations as your favorite to optimize your radio experience.

    5. SiriusXM

    SiriusXM is another radio app you should check out if you want something dedicated to music with intuitive menus. Even though you can use SiriusXM to explore a vast collection of radio stations worldwide, it excels in providing an ad-free music listening experience and current and comedy podcasts.

    SiriusXM app

    The UI is super simple and modern, making navigating through the extensive content easy. You can also focus on a particular artist or team to keep track of related news.

    The live news collection from SiriusXM is world-class. Additionally, you can create a personal library where you can compile content from different categories, including podcasts, artist-based playlists, and radio stations. The recommendation system of SiriusXM is also decent, if not the best out there.

    6. AccuRadio

    AccuRadio is perhaps one of the most popular and personalization-focused music review apps you can find for your Android smartphone. While the UI may seem a little outdated, the app is entirely free, which makes a lot of difference. You might come across some advertisements occasionally, but that is completely fine.

    AccuRadio app

    The best part about AccuRadio is that it is music-based, allowing you to discover different artists and songs as you skip through channels. With over 900 music channels, you can skip as many times as you want until you find what you want. Like other radio apps I’ve covered, the robust customization options enable you to filter content to match your preferences.

    There are also instant discovery and sharing options for a community-based AccuRadio experience. The only downside is the UI, which can feel outdated by current standards.

    7. FM Radio India

    FM Radio India is a highly recommended option for our readers in India. This app supports almost all radio stations in India, giving you access to a wide range of content, including music, sports, comedy, and more. One of the standout features is the ability to identify the song on the radio, allowing you to easily add it to your library.

    FM Radio India app

    The app also includes essential organization features like adding a station to your favorites list and setting the alarm to wake up to your preferred station. The different UI interfaces are user-friendly, and the list of radio stations offers great content. Even if you’re interested in regional languages, FM Radio India has something to offer. So, quench your thirst for diverse radio content with FM Radio India.

    You can also count on this free Android radio application for live cricket commentary and sports updates. With the recent stations list, you can access or resume the content you were just listening to.

    8. LITT Live

    Are you seeking an uninterrupted radio experience and ad-free music listening in a radio app? Then you should check out LITT Live. LITT Live claims to be the world’s largest original digital radio broadcasting platform, offering streams that are available 24/7.

    LITT Live app

    While the application does not focus on quantity, you get over 75 original stations in various genres. This means you can easily find a suitable station that fits your preferences. LITT Live offers unique features such as no annoying commercials and a more personalized radio experience. It gives users more freedom to select their choices instead of relying on algorithm-based recommendations.

    LITT Live offers superior sound quality compared to other radio apps, and you can even participate in competitions while listening.

    9. XiiaLive

    XiiaLive is another internet radio application worth trying on your Android device. The straightforward user interface is a standout feature of this app. When you start using the radio application, you can choose between different categories such as talk, music, search, favorites, play, and history. Depending on the category you select, sufficient information and an intuitive interface will help you control the playback.

    XiiaLive app

    XiiaLive is also impressive in displaying the current audio quality, allowing you to make adjustments if needed. The search function is essential but effective; you can search for a particular artist, and the application will find a radio station playing music from that artist. You can also opt for local radio stations based on your location.

    Overall, XiiaLive offers a standard internet radio experience with reliable radio stations.

    10. Pandora Radio

    Pandora Radio isn’t technically an internet radio, but it takes a unique approach to emulate the radio experience on your Android smartphone. Instead of exploring various radio stations curated by others, the Pandora app allows you to choose your favorite artists and genres to provide a personalized radio experience. With this system, you can skip songs, a feature not typically available in traditional radio apps.

    Pandora Radio app

    Since Pandora is a fully-fledged music app, you get additional benefits, such as support for both music and podcasts. You can discover new songs based on your interests or search for something specific as you wish. The “My Station” function is probably the best option for maximum personalized recommendations. You can further enhance your experience with the Premium or Plus plans, which offer curated collections based on your listening habits.

    You cannot access traditional radio stations using Pandora Radio, though.

    11. Heart Radio App

    Not to be confused with iHeart Radio, the Heart Radio app is another great option for accessing live radio on your Android smartphone. Heart Radio offers a curated collection of stations that you can explore. The live radio options are impressive, and you can enjoy these stations live or save specific programs for later through the offline listening capability.

    Heart Radio app

    The app also features a variety of quality podcasts that you can quickly discover and download. Despite its straightforward design, Heart Radio offers live playlists that cater to different moods and preferences.

    Other notable features include maximum control over radio brands and stations, allowing you to skip stations without constraints. I recommend this application if you are looking for global stations such as LBC News, Smooth Chill, or Radio X Classic Rock.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I listen to FM radio on Android?

    Yes, you can listen to FM radio on Android by downloading one of the radio apps available. These apps use an internet connection to relay live radio content straight to your smartphone. Depending on the app, you may also have additional features like offline playback.

    Is Spotify better than radio?

    Spotify may be better than radio in some aspects because Spotify can learn from your listening habits and recommend the music that you like. Still, radio is a different experience because you’re not just there to listen to music but also to understand the tastes of the people around you.

    What is the free FM radio app without ads?

    Multiple free FM radio apps let you listen to content without advertisements. For instance, you can check out LITT live or AccuRadio for this. Even the more popular apps like Simple Radio and iHeartRadio have plans that do not annoy you with commercials.

    Does Android have a built-in radio?

    Some Android devices may have the necessary hardware for a radio listening experience, but you can’t utilize this feature without a compatible radio application. Since these applications are unpopular, you’re better off finding a live radio app online.

    What is the best free radio app for Android?

    Even though preferences may vary, iHeart Radio is one of the best options for a free radio listening experience on your Android smartphone. Simple Radio is another option, depending on the stations you want to listen to.


    Not everyone has the exact requirements when looking for radio applications. Therefore, I’ve tried to include a variety of radio apps.

    For me, a radio app isn’t just about listening to music back-to-back—since, in that case, I could use the radio feature on Apple Music over Pandora Music, as I have shown. Instead, listening to the radio also offers insights into the culture, popular music, and content, providing a unique experience.

    I hope you can find one of those enriching experiences with the apps I have listed here.


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