The Android operating system has come a long way in optimizing itself for different levels of smartphones. For instance, the device can tell you when a particular app consumes many resources, or your storage is full.

    Nevertheless, you may encounter scenarios where your Android experience is sluggish if you have a mid-range smartphone. Fortunately, you can use these 15 great apps to speed up your Android by cleaning and optimizing it.

    Best Android Apps to Speed Up Your Smartphone

    The best Android apps to speed up your smartphone include all-in-one cleaning, RAM optimization, and file management apps. You should also consider battery management apps like Greenify to understand which apps consume the most of your battery resources.

    15 Best Apps to Boost Phone Performance

    I would like to start this list with an essential introduction. I have compiled 15 great apps from different categories. While some are dedicated phone cleaning apps, others are designed for specific purposes.

    For instance, you might come across CPU optimization apps and RAM control apps in the list. Similarly, there would be some apps designed to optimize battery performance. So, you must consider what is slowing down your Android phone and choose the apps that will make a difference.

    #1 Norton Clean

    First on the list is Norton Clean, an all-in-one Android cleaning and optimization tool. It can improve your Android experience by removing junk files and protecting your device from potential malware and adware. You get some basic guarantee because the product comes from Norton, a reputed security firm.

    Norton Clean app

    Norton Clean offers ample options for review and customization. You can control what you erase from the device, cache, or purgeable storage.

    #2 CCleaner for Android

    If you are familiar with CCleaner on your computer, you might also prefer using it on your Android. This app is designed to provide additional storage space by eliminating purgeable and unwanted data. Depending on the plan, you can back up your videos and delete junk to reduce power impact.

    CC Cleaner app

    However, unlike all-in-one apps, CCleaner for Android does not offer additional security features. But, as a no-nonsense cleaning app, CCleaner does a great job.

    #3 AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

    AppMgr III (App 2 SD) is a great utility that helps you manage all the applications installed on your device. Compared to the default app management suite, this third-party app makes it effortless to remove or move apps to an SD card.

    AppMgr III app

    If a particular app consumes a lot of data or resources, you might as well move it to the SD card. Even otherwise, I would recommend this app to clean up your phone and storage space.

    #4 AVG Antivirus

    If you want a complete antivirus program to boost your Android phone, you might want to check out AVG Antivirus and Security. This product from AVG offers several features, such as password leak alerts and a storage optimizer, to enhance your smartphone’s performance.

    AVG Antivirus app

    You can also use the built-in VPN to protect your online privacy. Compared to many other apps I have tried, AVG Antivirus does not consume many resources on your phone. Yet, you can benefit from additional features like photo encryption and website blocking.

    #5 Greenify

    Greenify is another app that you should check out if you find that some apps are hogging all your smartphone memory and resources. Greenify is an intelligent filter that identifies which apps consume the most resources. You can then ask Greenify to hibernate these applications when the screen is off.

    Greenify app

    Additionally, you can customize the app further by turning off background-running apps. While automated hibernation may be built into later versions of Android, you may need this app to save battery life on older models.

    #6 ROM Toolbox Lite

    ROM Toolbox Lite is an advanced app that can speed up your Android and enable advanced customization options. ROM Toolbox Lite is a ROM management utility that helps you manage third-party and built-in ROMs on your device.

    ROM Toolbox Lite app

    As you can guess, the application requires root access, but it offers numerous control options, such as CPU speed adjustments and setting up interactive CPU profiles. Additionally, you have options to manage backups and explore a variety of tools, such as the Superuser File Manager.

    #7 G-CPU

    The first step in optimizing your device for speed is understanding what happens on your device. G-CPU is an app that can help you monitor the CPU, RAM, and other aspects of your device’s performance. This app also gives you access to many sensors that you cannot access with the default Android system.

    G-CPU app

    For instance, you can see the exact battery percentage and monitor memory consumption in real-time. You can use this real-time data to remove applications and free up storage space on the device.

    #8 3C All-in-One Toolbox

    If you are looking for an advanced all-in-one toolbox for speed boosting, you might want to consider the 3C All-in-One Toolbox. This highly-rated app offers several features, including a device, task, application, and battery manager.

    3C All-in-One Toolbox app

    You can use the battery manager to track detailed statistics about battery usage, while the network manager provides advanced data transfer information. As for the CPU manager, it allows you to control resource usage and set up governance to manage power consumption.

    #9 DevCheck Device & System Info

    If you want to dive deep into device information, you might want to check out DevCheck Device & System Info. This application provides enhanced details about your smartphone’s hardware and uses several tools to help you manage permissions and resource consumption.

    DevCheck Device & System Info app

    In particular, the battery monitor widget can be a lifesaver if you are dealing with a slow smartphone. I also love the app’s simple UI.

    #10 1 Tap Cleaner

    1 Tap Cleaner is another comprehensive cleaning app that helps you remove cache and history files from your device. When you get started, it provides an overview of your internal storage situation and suggests options such as Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner, Call Cleaner, and Default Cleaner.

    1 Tap Cleaner app

    You can clear all these settings for a fresh start on your device if you wish. Additional features include a file browser and an app browser that shows how much space each app consumes.

    #11 Assistant for Android

    Assistant for Android is another app I recommend to enhance your Android experience. This utility package helps you monitor tasks, processes, and other system tools. It includes batch uninstall, backup, restore, and cache-clearing features.

    Assistant for Android app

    Additionally, the file manager does an excellent job of freeing up purgeable space. Overall, this app can be a blessing for those who need a single app to manage the entire device.

    #12 AccuBattery

    AccuBattery is an excellent tool for understanding and tracking battery usage on your smartphone. If you feel that some apps consume more battery resources than others, AccuBattery can help identify the culprits. The app includes a dedicated panel for viewing battery usage and showing individual metrics.

    AccuBattery app

    Additionally, you can use the notification widget to access all this information directly from the notification bar. By using AccuBattery, you can gain valuable insights into battery consumption and potentially get rid of unnecessary applications.

    #13 GlassWire

    Do you think a particular app is causing trouble using much data? In that case, you might want to check out GlassWire Data Usage Monitor. This app provides insights based on which you can take action. For instance, if you discover that a particular app consumes a lot of data in the background, you can address it to improve your device’s performance.

    GlassWire app

    You can speed up your smartphone’s connection by getting rid of the app or disabling its background access. Once again, the app requires input from your side.

    #14 IFTTT

    IFTTT is not an Android cleaning app but a fully-fledged system for automating your devices and services. However, IFTTT can make your Android device faster and smoother if appropriately used. For instance, you can set up IFTTT to turn off syncing functions when disconnected from Wi-Fi.

    IFTTT app

    This ensures that your resources are not wasted on synchronization when you need the device on hand. In the same way, you can find multiple recipes with IFTTT. It is a great way to add smart home devices to your workflow.

    #15 Super Clean

    We recommend Super Clean as an excellent choice for an all-in-one device cleaning solution. Like other cleaning apps, Super Clean removes junk files from your system. However, it provides options for what you want to remove.

    Super Clean app

    In addition, Super Clean includes an app management utility that allows you to better uninstall applications based on size and other criteria. One standout feature is the image finder utility, which can locate and delete duplicate images to free up space.

    Some Other Tips to Make Your Android Faster

    We have already discussed some great apps that can help you make your Android faster. However, having a clean and fast Android experience is not just about some utility applications. Instead, you can try some methods that will help you.

    First, it’s a good idea to remove bloatware from your device. Bloatware refers to the applications your manufacturer installs on the device when shipped.

    Secondly, consider closing apps you do not need, especially those that consume a lot of data in the background.

    Another critical step that most people overlook is updating all applications. You can simplify this process by enabling auto-update in the Play Store, ensuring that bugs within apps do not slow down your device.

    Lastly, running the latest Android version on your device is crucial. Even if the updates do not bring a significant UI overhaul, manufacturers often release security patches and bug fixes, which can enhance your device’s overall speed and performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to increase Android speed?

    You can increase the speed of your Android device by removing unnecessary applications and freeing up RAM and storage space. It is also a good idea to clear the app cache, which might slow down the device. You should also consider updating all the apps and the Android OS.

    What is the best booster app?

    While there is no single best booster app for Android, you can consider options like Super Clean and CCleaner for Android. These applications can help you remove junk files from the system and free up storage space.

    Why is my Android phone so slow?

    Your Android phone may be slow due to software or hardware issues. Software issues include unwanted applications, bloatware, spyware, and lack of storage space or RAM. But it could also be that you have a really old phone that cannot meet your regular needs.


    As much as I want to, I cannot provide you with a definitive guide to speed up Android or optimize the system. The reason is simple: every device is different, and your usage patterns can make a massive difference in the long run.

    Considering all these aspects, it becomes difficult to suggest a single app to speed up your device with a single click. Instead, I recommend you try various apps and choose a combination that works for you.


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