Idle games, also known as idle clicker games, have become increasingly popular in the past decade. For the most part, these games have what it takes to replace high-end games that make players anxious.

    So, if you want something that helps you kill time without worrying about strategies or anything, you should check out idle games for your device. In this article, you will find 20+ idle games for iOS and Android.

    #1 AdVenture Capitalist

    Adventure Capitalist Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 9/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    AdVenture Capitalist has been one of the go-to idle games for Android and iOS for years. As the name says, the game lets you become an investor in the capitalist simulation. In addition to making your way to the top of the riches, you can also engage in limited-time quests.

    Like most of the idle clicker games on this list, this money-making game is also excruciatingly addictive. The limitless nature of the game also comes into play in this aspect. For instance, once you have made it to the top of the earth, you can explore the moon or Mars.

    #2 Fallout Shelter

    Fallout Shelter Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Fallout Shelter is another idle clicker game that has stood the test of time. It has been a popular Android and iOS game that lets you relax and enjoy the simple gameplay. You become the leader of a post-nuclear world, where you have to build the community and infrastructure.

    As this leader, you have to create new buildings and allocate manpower, among other things. Once again, it has all the elements to keep you glued to the screen. At the same time, you do not have to worry about big strategies or game plans, either.

    #3 Game Dev Tycoon

    Game Dev Tycoon Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Have you ever dreamed of creating an outstanding game development studio? Realizing this dream in real life can be tiresome, but Game Dev Tycoon lets you run a smooth simulation with it. As the name says, you have to oversee a development company as it creates and publishes games.

    Though it is an idle clicker, there are interesting games in this simulation game. For instance, even when you started a game development company in the 1980s, you can choose between various game genres. I also loved the graphics aspect of the game.

    #4 Egg Inc

    Egg Inc Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Egg Inc. is another favorite of ours on this list. As you can imagine from the name, this idle clicker game would let you create an egg empire. You start with a single coop of hens, but you can see the graphics as the empire grows bigger and more profitable.

    Unlike the other idle games for iOS and Android, Egg Inc. offers a lot of precision and customization. You can add different silos and elements into the empire. I also love how well-designed the graphics elements in the game are.

    #5 Idle Miner Tycoon

    Idle Miner Tycoon Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 7/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    How would you like to build a mining system in your spare time? If so, you should check out the simulation game that is Idle Miner Tycoon. You can get started with a small mine and upgrade it as you go further down the lane.

    I also love the expansive nature of the game in that you can explore new places and continents. The idle clicker game would continue until you have turned the entire earth into a set of mining spots. This popular game receives regular updates, bringing new features.

    #6 Hero Wars

    Hero Wars Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Hero Wars offers a different take on idle clicker games by combining two genres: idle clicker and fantasy. It also has elements of an RPG in that the heroes come with specific needs. The unique fighting abilities would be handy in many instances.

    Something I love about Hero Wars is that you can play it two ways. If you just want to kill time, you get to focus on the repetitive clicking part. On the other hand, if you want a strategy-inclusive gaming experience, Hero Wars gives you space for that as well.

    #7 Guitar Girl

    Guitar Girl Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 7/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    One great thing about clicker games is the sheer variety of sub-genres you can explore. Guitar Girl is one of the more impressive titles in the collection, and the game is a simulation of an aspiring music artist. You can click your way into making this girl become a star in the world of music.

    Though it does not involve complex strategies, you can explore the different aspects of the music career. For instance, you can create new projects and customize how the music idol looks. And you can feel some kind of happiness as the simulation game reaches a point of success for the girl.

    #8 Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager

    Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    I have so far discussed businesses and the so-called legal ways to make a fortune via clickers. But, if you are keen to explore the dark side, you should check out Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager. This simulation clicker will make you a strategy-focused mafia tycoon.

    You have to claim your space and enlarge the territories as you move forward in the game. For instance, you can attack the police station or get your people out of prison to establish the mafia leader that you are. Of course, it is all fun even when the game is only a single-player system.

    #9 Animal Restaurant

    Animal Restaurant Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 9/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Animal Restaurant is another great idle clicker game that you must check out. It is similar to many others on this list because you are managing a simulated environment. However, the graphics philosophy of the game is unique in that you get some cozy vibes.

    It is impressive that you can get to enable different ways to manage the restaurant. For instance, you have the option to learn and experiment with new recipes as your restaurant becomes popular. At the end of the day, it feels nice to see that your virtual restaurant is filled with patrons.

    #10 Leaf Blower Revolution Idle

    Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Leaf Blower Revolution Idle is one of the lesser-known idle clicker games available for Android, but it offers a lot of fun, nevertheless. In this game, you become a landscaper who has to maintain an area by removing leaves and other debris from it.

    As you move forward, you can enable features like tool upgrades, pet collection, fruit collection, and a lot of room for automation. So, if you want to simply click away, you can do it with Leaf Blower Revolution Idle. It has a complete package of features, though.

    #11 Idle Theme Park Tycoon

    Idle Theme Park Tycoon Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    As you can guess from the name, Idle Theme Park Tycoon lets you set up a simulated theme park as per your whims and fancies. Even though the core objective is to accumulate as much wealth as possible, you cannot ignore the possibilities of customization.

    As a builder and designer of the tycoon, you can showcase a noticeable variety of elements. Also, the game has some vibrant visuals, which may make the game a little addictive. Rest assured, you will have a lot of fun with this idle clicker title.

    #12 Endless Frontier – Idle RPG

    Endless Frontier Idle RPG Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 7/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Endless Frontier – Idle RPG offers exactly what its name claims to. You get a rather sleek RPG that does not need a lot of attention. Instead, to get boosts for your hero and achieve upgrades, you simply have to keep clicking.

    It is also one of the few games that offer multiple gameplay methods. For instance, you can engage in online battles and other gameplay mods. But, if you simply want to track the progress of your characters, you can do it with peace.

    #13 Almost A Hero

    Almost A Hero Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 7/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Almost A Hero is another role-playing game that makes use of clicker mechanics. Instead of spending money or time, you can click to boost your character. Despite its minimal footprint, Almost A Hero offers multiple options for gameplay, which is impressive.

    As the clicker hero, you can save the world in Almost A Hero. It happens with the help of progress and constant improvement. I would say that the game requires the minimal amount of strategy that all RPGs would require, though.

    #14 Cookies Inc

    Cookies Inc Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    What do you think about creating an empire of cookies instead of eggs? In that case, you should check out Cookies Inc., which packs a punch. As an idle clicker master, you can not only generate a lot of money from an existing array of cookies but also invent new recipes for better success rates.

    Because the game proposes regular challenges, you will have incentives to get started with the game and be in the loop. Once again, I should remind you of potential addiction here. It is also impressive that Cookies Inc. does not bore you with annoying ads.

    #15 Grimoire Incremental

    Grimoire Incremental Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 7/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Here is a rather diverse addition to this list. So far, I have seen graphics-focused idle clicker games for both Android and iOS. However, Grimoire Incremental is slightly different in that you have to play with a selection of text prompts.

    But, as you can guess, each of these options will have an incremental effect on how things turn out. At this point, I should also include that this idle clicker game is not for everyone. You need patience and a knack to get the addiction going.

    #16 Bitcoin Billionaire

    Bitcoin Billionaire Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 7/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Almost everyone I know has regrets for not buying Bitcoin sooner. Well, the least you can do is create a simulation of how things would have been, right? With the popular idle clicker, Bitcoin Billionaire, you can create a world of how things would have turned out if you had bought Bitcoin.

    Once again, I love what the developers have done with the design of the game. It uses retro elements that add value eventually. The graphics are great, and they work well with clicker mechanics, especially when you enter different stages of progress.

    #17 Bit City

    Bit City Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 7/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Bit City is another simulation-centric idle game available for iOS and Android. This idle clicker game involves a bit of strategy, though. You can create your dream city by bringing different elements across categories. It looks pretty cool too if you are wondering.

    Compared to the core idle clicker games I have covered, Bit City offers impressive graphics. For instance, you can bring in cars, planes, and boats as you move forward, unlocking buildings. Though it offers in-app purchases, the free gameplay is impressive, indeed.

    #18 Forager

    Forager Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 8/10
    • Price: $7.99

    Forager is a little different from most of the games on this for a few reasons. One, it is an open-world game, where you can roam around and gather resources. If you are looking for the best comparison, it stands closer to Minecraft. But you do not need a lot of system resources.

    Once you have the right set of resources, you can create new items and build your base. Unless you intend to spend days on this game continuously, the gameplay is practically endless. It is also why Forager is one of the few paid idle clicker games I recommend.

    #19 Plantera

    Plantera Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 9/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    As you might have guessed from the name, Plantera is about creating a garden, where you can grow plants and animals. It is one of the few idle clicker games for various platforms as well. It is available for Windows, in addition to iOS.

    You can enjoy the game on your desktop devices as well if you want a more immersive experience. At the same time, you do not have to worry about strategy or planning. Instead, idle clicking seems to be the core gameplay option here.

    #20 Tailed Demon Slayer

    Tailed Demon Slayer Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 9/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Tailed Demon Slayer is another idle RPG that I wanted to include. If you like the RPG genre, you will love playing this popular idle clicker. Even though you only have to click, the gameplay is interesting and closer to addictive.

    Despite employing idle clicker physics, the game leaves room for fun. For instance, you can achieve and master different types of weapons. There is no scarcity of equipment, either. I must also add that its core graphics elements look great.

    #21 Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

    Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Game
    • Editor’s Rating: 9/10
    • Price: Free with in-app purchases

    I conclude this list with a game that stands apart in terms of gameplay and graphics. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is precisely what you would expect from the game. You have to collect kitties and place them in your cat books.

    However, collecting cats is not an easy task — you know, cats being what they are. So, you also need to get items that attract kitties to your space. Overall, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector offers a great experience for an idle clicker title.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Idle Games For Android & iOS Boring?

    No, idle games for Android and iOS are not boring. However, you cannot expect the dynamic gameplay you would get from titles like PUBG or Call of Duty.

    How To Play Incremental Games?

    Incremental games are popular because you do not have to master the gameplay. Instead, a few taps on the screen are what it takes you to play these games.

    What is the most fun idle game?

    While I cannot recommend a single game as the most fun idle game, there are a few options. AdVenture Capitalist, Neko Atsume, and Bit City are a few titles.

    Are idle games good?

    Yes, idle games are good and enjoyable. These games are designed to help you relax and spend some time. Unlike AAA titles, these games do not cause anxiety.


    Idle games can be a good way to relax without raising your blood pressure! For what it’s worth, you can find an impressive variety of idle titles, and I have covered most of them in this collection. If you ask, titles like AdVenture Capitalist and Idle Mine Tycoon have been our favorites since I first played them on our Android phones.


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