If you have been a customer of US Cellular, you might be familiar with the US Cellular error code 408. Despite how popular the cellular carrier is, most customers have faced this particular error once or twice. But you may get anxious if you do not find the error going away soon enough.

    In this article, I have covered some ways to fix the US Cellular error code 408 and prevent it in the future.

    How to Fix US Cellular Error Code 408

    Fixing the US Cellular Error Code 408 involves restarting your device, looking for potential network issues, and updating your smartphone to the latest software version. You should also get in touch with US Cellular customer support to solve the connectivity issue in the long term.

    What Does the US Cellular Error Code 408 Mean?

    Before I elaborate on the multiple solutions to this problem, it makes sense to understand what the US Cellular Error Code 408 means.

    Interestingly, there is no consensus on the meaning of the error code because US Cellular is not transparent about how these error codes work. Even if you go to the official website of the cellular carrier, you cannot find an explanation for what this code is in particular. Therefore, I have to rely on some assumptions that experts have drawn depending on when and how this specific error occurs.

    I tried contacting customer support of US Cellular to understand what the error code 408 means, but that was not a fruitful attempt. However, according to third-party data, it is obvious that US Cellular is known for having service outages, also known as downtimes. These cellular carrier outages are coinciding with when people see the cellular error 408 on their devices.

    Therefore, it is fair enough to conclude that the error has something to do with the stability of the network, that is, whenever the cellular network is facing issues, people tend to have the particular error popping up on their devices. So, for the moment, we have to think of solutions to fix US Cellular error code 408, seeing it as a network stability issue.

    How To Fix Error Code 408 on US Cellular

    Now that you know the basics about the US cellular error code 408, we can talk about how this particular error can be fixed. As you would imagine, there is no way to address the root cause of this problem because it needs to be addressed by US Cellular itself. So, what you can do is follow some steps that would remove or help your device from the situation where the error keeps popping out and you cannot make any phone calls.

    #1 Restart Your Device

    The most obvious solution to fix the error code 408 on your cellular is to restart the device that you are using. It is an easy option that mostly solves the problem in many of the instances. That happens because when you restart your device, it will try to reconnect to the cellular network, and this solves most of the issues.

    While it is not a universal solution, it doesn’t cost a lot or take much effort to restart your device.

    On Android, you can restart the phone or tablet PC by holding the Volume Up and Power buttons for a few seconds. From the menu, you can choose the option to Reboot.

    On iOS, you have to use the slider after pressing the Volume and Power buttons. After the device has been turned off, you can hold the Power button to turn the device on again.

    Phone settings

    Alternatively, you can open device settings and choose the Restart option.

    #2 Review Cellular Connection Settings

    These days, smartphones are designed to manage network connections intelligently and reconnect when there is an issue. However, if you consistently face the US Cellular error code 408, your phone might have some issues connecting to the network. So, before we go any further and discuss network-wide issues and problems with US Cellular, it is better to understand whether your device is on the right side of things.

    Phone settings at network selection

    The better thing is to go to Settings and move to Mobile Networks, where you can find how your device will behave with networks. So you have to either enable the automatic selection option or manually select US Cellular from the available networks. If the automatic selection option is enabled but the issue persists, it makes sense to try whether the issue pops up when you have manually connected to the US Cellular network.

    If a simple restart or settings changes of the device do not resolve the issue, you have to understand that the issue doesn’t have to do with your device in the first place. So, the better idea is to understand where the issue occurs and try to follow a suitable method.

    #3 Check for Potential Outage

    As I mentioned earlier, US Cellular is known for the multiple issues of network outages across the network. So even when you least expect it, the network could go wrong. Due to this reason, it is important to know whether you are dealing with a network-wide issue or something related to your particular region. Fortunately enough, some websites can help you with the situation.

    Downdetector website

    For instance, you can visit downdetector.com, which has a dedicated page for US Cellular. This website will help you to understand the real-time issues with a particular network and monitor outages that are affecting users. So you can access this particular website from your laptop or device using Wi-Fi and understand where the particular issue comes from.

    If you see that your particular area is facing issues with the US Cellular network, it makes sense to contact the customer service of the cellular carrier because there is nothing you can do at this point to address the issue since the issue doesn’t have to do anything with your device. In most cases, you have to wait until the network outage is fixed and the services restored.

    #4 Software Update

    This might seem silly, but consistent software updates from your device manufacturer are also important when it comes to enabling smooth network service. So, if there are no consistent patches from the developer, or you have not installed these updates, you might encounter the error code 408 on your cellular more often than you think.

    Therefore, the easiest thing you can do is to update your phone software by going to settings and software update. As you can imagine, updating your smartphone to the latest version of software comes with a couple of advantages, including convenience, security, and additional features. So, considering that an update can solve the cellular connection issue, it seems like an easy option to follow without any concern.

    At this point, it also makes sense to check whether your device is fully compatible with US Cellular. As you know, different network carriers use different bandwidths for providing the service. So, if you have purchased the device from another country where the device is optimized for a particular set of bandwidth, it might not always work with US Cellular in the United States. Therefore, it makes sense to check whether this is the case.

    If this happens to be the case, you may have to get a new device for the US Cellular network to function again.

    #5 Contact Official Support

    If restarting the device and updating it to the latest version of the software does not solve the issue, it is time for you to contact official support from US Cellular. As I said earlier, it could happen due to multiple issues, including network-wide outages or a particular region-focused issue.

    In either case, the official website will help you with the issue and you can get in touch with the technical support assistant to know exactly what to do next.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I fix Error 408?

    You can fix error 408 on your cellular by restarting your device and updating it to the latest software version. It is also important to know whether the issue is caused by the network provider, in which case you will have to wait until your cellular fixes the problem on its end.

    What does error code 403 mean for US Cellular?

    Even though US Cellular has not explained what the error code 408 means on the network, it is fair to assume that it has something to do with network stability. That is, when there is a network outage or connectivity issues, your phone will show the US Cellular error code 408.

    How do I call US Cellular from my cell phone?

    You can get the official toll-free numbers of the US Cellular Technical Support from the official website. If you cannot access the internet from your cell phone, you can use your PC to find the number and call it from another device.

    The Bottom Line

    In the end, I have to understand that there is a universal solution to fix US Cellular Error Code 408. Instead, you have to check what is causing the problem. It could be your device or the network in both cases. Once you have restarted and updated your device, you can check for other potential issues and solve them. I hope this guide helped you get rid of the issue and avoid potential problems in the future.


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