If you often check the active processes running on your smartphone, you may have come across something called com.android.incallui. Alternatively, if you use an Android smartphone, you may see something similar: com.samsung.android.incallui.

    In many cases, when you come across these apps/processes, you may not know what they are. Often, you may even wonder whether these processes are harmful. The following guide will answer all the questions you’d have about com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui.

    All about com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui

    You should understand that com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui are essential apps you can find in the Android OS package. These are not malware, and you should not delete these apps from your device, either. 

    What is com.android.incallui?

    As you can guess from the name, com.android.incallui is an app built into the Android Operating System. It is responsible for handling the Graphical User Interface that appears when you make or receive a phone call. For easy understanding, Android uses the code incallui for the app.

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    It translates to the UI within a call on the device. It must also be clear that incallui is an essential part of your smartphone experience, as you still have to rely on phone calls. In short, you would be able to find the com.android.incallui app on almost all devices, but the manufacturers may change the name.

    What is com.samsung.android.incallui?

    As I mentioned in the introduction, you may see another app name if you use a Samsung smartphone. On these devices, the name of the app will be com.samsung.android.incallui. It must be clear to you that it just contains an additional word in the name: Samsung.

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    Therefore, com.samsung.android.incallui is the app that handles the in-call user interface on your Samsung smartphones. This app is necessary and will run whenever you receive or make a phone call. Depending on the device, third-party apps like WhatsApp and Skype may also use the incallui app.

    How does com.android.incallui or com.samsung.android.incallui work?

    Since both these apps contain the word UI, you should understand that the package contains instructions to enable the calling feature. Of course, your phone will have the phone radio, but com.android.incallui, or, in the case of Samsung devices, com.samsung.android.incallui, makes it possible for users to interact with the radio and the OS. 

    In most cases, incallui on Android contains several buttons, such as Accept, Reject, Hold, Add, Mute, etc. Then, again, manufacturers may add extra features like call recording into their UI. This UI is not always responsible for the animation you see when you receive a call. In many cases, these animations are taken care of by another module.

    Therefore, under normal circumstances, you would not come across com.android.incallui or its alternative on Samsung devices unless when you are on a call. Even then, unless you have enabled system app visibility in the settings, you may not find these particular names on a list. But you may come across these names if you use a third-party app to monitor your device and the active processes.

    Is com.android.incallui A Virus?

    No, com.android.incallui is not a virus. Similarly, com.samsung.android.incallui is also not a virus. The case is just the opposite because com.android.incallui is an essential part of your Android smartphone experience. So, you should not commit the mistake of believing that the incallui app is a virus.

    However, I have to discuss a few instances when com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui may misbehave within the Android system.

    Why does com.android.incallui Use More Battery?

    I believe you searched for com.android.incallui or com.samsung.android.incallui after seeing either on a list of active applications. You may also have noticed that these apps consume a considerable amount of the device’s battery and resources. It is not common, though.

    Ideally, the incallui module of Android will consume only a limited number of resources. When you think of the whole thing, the entire module interacts with only a few components. It does not even need access to mobile data. Therefore, if you see that your phone’s battery is going low because of these apps, you should do something.

    Unfortunately, com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui are not apps that you can simply quit or uninstall. In all fairness, you SHOULD NOT uninstall these apps because they consume a bit of battery or system resources. As I mentioned multiple times, the app is responsible for the in-call interface. So, the lack of the app means you cannot make phone calls as you normally do.

    Considering this point, you should be patient if you see that com.android.incallui has been consuming a lot of battery resources. You should also consider whether you were making many phone calls. If there were a few calls, it is normal for the incallui app to function and thus take up plenty of resources. However, if the UI app takes up a lot of space even when your phone is idle, something could be wrong.

    Can you disable com.samsung.android.incallui?

    Many people ask whether they can disable the app named com.samsung.android.incallui. I believe this happens when the app takes up a lot of system resources.

    To answer the question, you cannot disable com.samsung.android.incallui. Because the app is an essential part of the Android Operating System you cannot remove the app. There could be an option to stop the app temporarily, but the OS will reopen the app quickly enough. Even if the app does not open instantly, it will happen when you receive a phone call.

    But, you should NOT try deleting the app. You may be able to do it with some level of root access, but that would ruin the functionality of your device.

    How to Fix the “Unfortunately IncallUI Has Stopped” Message?

    Sometimes, you may get a message saying that “Unfortunately, IncallUI has stopped”. This may happen after you spend a considerable amount of time on a phone call. These messages are common on devices from Mi, Sony, LG, OnePlus, etc. You may see the message when trying to open the phone app. It means you will be prevented from making a phone call.

    Fortunately, you can use one of the following methods to fix the InCallUI that has stopped the message.

    • The first idea is to lock and unlock your smartphone. This step will force the incallui app to restart, which should solve the problem.
    • You should also try clearing the cache of the InCallUI app. To get this done, you have to go to Settings > Apps > Show System Apps and find the com.android.incallui app. In some cases, the app will have a simpler name, InCallUI. You can select the app and tap the Clear Cache button. Now, you can go back and open the dialer app.
    • If clearing the cache of the incallui app does not solve the problem, you should consider restarting your Android smartphone. While it is an inconvenient option, your phone will shut down and restart all its core apps, including the in-call UI module. So, there is a better chance of getting rid of the error.
    • If nothing works, you may have to update or reset your smartphone to fix the irritating message that says, “Unfortunately, incallui has stopped.” In most cases, the smartphone manufacturer would have released a software patch that you can install. On the other hand, if you have a corrupt OS situation, resetting the device will solve the problem.

    I am sure one of these methods will help you get rid of the problem with the incallui app on Samsung and other smartphones.

    Is InCallUI Used for Spying?

    No, InCallUI apps on your Android smartphone are not used for spying. It is a common myth that this app is responsible for data leaks. On the contrary, com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui are two of the most trusted apps you can find alongside Android.

    For the same reason, you should delete or modify the app. While there is an option to use other dialer apps, you should choose one of the trusted dialer apps. For instance, Google Phone is a trusted dialer app you can use if you do not like the manufacturer’s in-call UI.

    Rest assured, the apps built into your Android by default are not for spying.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is InCallUI in Android Samsung Phones?

    InCallUI is the app responsible for managing phone calls. The app contains all the UI instructions for elements you see while making or receiving a phone call. On Android Samsung phones, the app may also have another name: com.samsung.android.incallui.

    How To Access com.android.incallui?

    You can access com.android.incallui by going to Settings > Apps > Show System Apps > com.android.incallui. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot make further adjustments to this application.

    How To Stop InCallUI?

    It is impossible to permanently stop incallui, and you should not think about deleting it. However, if you want to stop the process for a few seconds, you can use the Stop button. You can do this by going to the settings page of the app.

    How To Fix com.android.incallui Not Working?

    The easiest way to fix com.android.incallui not working is to restart your Android smartphone. If this method does not solve the problem, you may have to update your device to the latest version of Android from the manufacturer.

    What is the Incallui app mainly used for?

    The incallui app is mainly used to manage the phone call interface on your Android smartphone. Your phone will activate the application when you accept a phone call or when you press the call button after dialing a number.


    I have tried to answer most questions about com.android.incallui and com.samsung.android.incallui. You can use this knowledge to make better decisions when you see that the incallui app is consuming a lot of power or battery resources.


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      So basically this com.samsung.android.incallui only shows up when you get a call, right? Or does it come even if you dial it?

      • Yes, com.samsung.android.incallui is mostly activated when you get a call. But it can also show up when you start a call because it includes the user interface parts of making calls on Samsung Android devices, such as dialing, receiving, and managing calls that are already going on.

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