Since its launch in 2018, Google Play Rewards and Google Play Points have come a long way. Now, Alphabet is all set to make the experience even more engaging with early access, in-game upgrades, and more tangible rewards.

    In a blog post published on 22nd May, Google announced that Google Play Points will receive new perks and rewards to keep you in the loop. For one, Google has introduced some games, playing which you can get more points.

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    The prime example is Diamond Valley, a treasure-hunting game currently available only in Korea and Japan. Starting on June 17, this game will be launched in the United States, and playing this game will give you chances to get excellent prizes, including Pixel devices and game merchandise.

    The latest announcement also adds that Google Play will partner with some game developers to provide early access to upcoming games. Google said that more of these collaborations are on the way. Many of these collaborations are built into the Google Play Points system.

    For instance, Diamond, Platinum, and Gold members of Google Play Rewards will have early access to Squad Busters, a game from Supercell. This Supercell game is well integrated with the Play Points home, where you can find additional perks to use while you build your squad.

    For context, it is very easy to get started with Google Play Points. You can join in a tap, and you will be rewarded for every single piece of amount that you spend. Then, as you move across the levels, you will be rewarded accordingly.

    For instance, if you have reached the gold level, you will receive 1.2 points for every dollar you spend. The Play Points program has changed quite drastically since it started. Earlier, the idea was to reward users when they downloaded games or subscribed to services.

    Now, the point is to pay people for additional engagement within the Android ecosystem.


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