Compared to conventional gaming PCs, gaming consoles like PS4 come across fewer issues. Instead, you can have a streamlined gaming experience. However, due to the same reason, even the smallest issues can make you lose your mind. The PS4 controller’s orange light issue is one of them.

    But, in most cases, it is effortless to fix PS4 controller orange light issues. You can follow some simple steps, which I have covered in this guide.

    How to Fix PS4 Controller Orange Light

    You can fix the PS4 controller’s orange light by checking for hardware and software issues with the controller. It is a good idea to check for USB cable issues before you reset the DualShock 4 controller or the PS4 console in its entirety.

    PS4 Controller

    Understanding What PS4 Controller Orange Light Means

    Here are a couple of things you should understand about the orange light appearing on your PS4 controller.

    • An orange light on the PS4 controller does not always mean there is an issue. As it happens, your PS4 may use the orange light to indicate different situations. In most cases, you can see an orange light on your DualShock controllers when your PS4 has entered Rest Mode. For those who are unaware, it is designed to minimize resource consumption—more like a standby mode.
    • The orange light on the PS4 controller may also appear when you engage in multiplayer games. So, if you have connected more than one PS4 controller to your console, the console will assign unique colors to each controller. And orange could be one of those colors. It means you do not have to worry about an orange light that appears on your controller and stays steady.

    But things are different when you see an orange light flashing on your PS4 controller. This behavior of your DualShock controller means there is an issue. So, if you observe the PS4 controller’s solid orange light, you’d have to follow one of the fixes.

    PS4 Controller Orange Light

    1. Check for Power and Connectivity Issues

    The PS4 controller’s orange light could be due to power or connectivity issues. Therefore, you have to ensure that the controller can receive power from your PS4 and stay charged. Two components could be responsible in this situation: the battery and the PS button on the controller.

    To ensure that its battery is not causing a problem, you should charge your DualShock controller until it has a sufficient amount of power. I recommend using the charging cable that came with your PS4 to do this. It is also a good idea to check whether the USB cable is functional. If not, a replacement may be needed.

    On the second layer, you should check whether the PS button on the DualShock controller is working as it should. In most cases, a non-functional PS button is due to hardware issues and debris. Therefore, it is very much advisable to remove dust from the internal areas.

    If you find that the DS4 controller has working batteries and a PS button, you should consider the advanced methods given below.

    2. Replace the DS4 Cable

    You should understand that the DS4 controller uses the charging cable for both data transfer and charging. So, it is important to make sure that you have a capable and functional cable for this purpose.

    If you have been using your PS4 for quite some time, it is very much possible that the cable has gone through some issues, and it is faulty. In this case, you should consider replacing the DS4 cable with something that preferably comes from Sony or one that is graded for all tasks.

    If the orange light issue on the PS4 controller is caused by the cable, changing the charging cable would make a difference. You will be able to see a blue light or a blinking light instead of the orange light when the device can charge further.

    3. Reset the DS4 Controller

    If checking the power and the connectivity issues does not solve the problem with the DS4 controller, it is time to reset the controller to be on the safe side. Now, there are different ways to reset the controller, but the easiest option is to follow the official option.

    I recommend following this step before you go to the extent of resetting your PS4. The steps are easy.

    1. You have to find your DS4 controller and turn it upside down. You should be able to find a dedicated RESET button.
    2. Now, you can use a paperclip/SIM ejector/safety pin to push the button.
    3. Make sure that you hold the RESET button for at least five seconds.
    4. This step should ideally turn your DS4 controller into a working state.

    You can connect the controller to the PS4 and the orange light on the controller should have gone away. It will instead be showing a blue light.

    From a hardware perspective, resetting the PS4 controller is the maximum you can do to fix the issue of a steady orange light. At this point, you should consider some advanced steps, that I have covered.

    4. Reboot the PS4 in Safe Mode

    Like your computer, PlayStation consoles also come with a Safe Mode. You can use this mode to ensure that firmware issues are not responsible for issues. When you reboot the PS4 in Safe Mode, the console does not load third-party firmware, thus creating a safe environment.

    To boot your PS4 in Safe Mode,

    1. Completely turn off your PS4 console; you can even reconnect the power cable to be on the safe side.
    2. Reset your DS4 controller, if you have not, by holding the RESET button on the bottom. You have to keep holding the button until you hear two beeps.
    3. Now, before you insert a game disc or boot the device, connect the DualShock 4 controller using the (official) USB cable.
    4. To reboot the device, press the PS button until you hear a single beep from the console.

    At this point, your PS4 console should boot up, and you will not see an orange light on the controller. If the issue reappears when you boot without Safe Mode, it means your console/controller has a firmware issue.

    The ideal solution here is to update the firmware through the official channel. If it is a known issue, Sony will have released a patch, and installing this patch will resolve the problem. If this fix does not help you, you will have to follow a more extreme option.

    5. Reset Your PS4

    If the four steps above have not removed the PS4 controller orange light, you better reset your PS4 console. The steps here are relatively on the easier side.

    1. You have to find the PS button on the controller and hold it for a few seconds. You can release the button once you hear two beeps.
    2. Likewise, you may reconnect the power cable with a gap of 10 seconds in between.
    3. Make sure that you also reconnect the DS4 controller via USB.
    4. Power on the PS4 console using the PS button on the controller. It should reset the PS4 console and the orange light on the DS4 controller should go away.

    If resetting your PS4 does not solve the problem, you should consider taking the console to an authorized tech support center. Before that, however, you can try an additional method, which can be a bit lengthy.

    6. Reconnect the DS4 Controller to your Console

    As a last resort, you should reconnect the DualShock 4 controller to the console. If you have two controllers with you, this task will be easy. However, if you are not in that situation, you need to use the Remote Play app available for Android and iOS. The app is available for Windows and macOS, but they tend to be slower.

    Once you have signed in to the Remote Play app on your smartphone, you can find a way to access the PS4. You should remember that the app provides only temporary access. While you have access, you can go to PS4 Settings > Devices > Bluetooth devices > find the DS4 controller.

    Now, forget the device and connect it again using the USB cable. This task would remove the controller from your account and add it again. So, there is a better chance of solving the orange light issue.

    7. Repeatedly Press the PS Button

    Occasionally, you cannot find rationality in the methods for tech issues. Instead, they just somehow work. So, I should mention a step that has helped people get rid of the PS4 controller’s glowing orange color issue.

    You simply have to repeatedly press the PS button on the DualShock 4 controller. You may have to do it five or ten times before the orange light goes away.

    Once again, the probability of this method working is far off. But you do not lose anything by trying.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the PS4 controller’s orange light signal?

    Depending on how it appears, the PS4 controller’s orange light signals an issue or the Rest Mode. If you see that the orange light is blinking, you probably have an issue with the controller. However, if the light stays for a long period, it means your PS4 is in the Rest Mode.

    Why is the PS4 controller blinking orange/yellow light?

    The PS4 controller is blinking orange/yellow when the device is in Rest Mode or charging. The yellow light is indicative of charging, while the blinking orange is indicative of the Rest Mode.

    Fixing the PS4 controller’s yellow light of death?

    You can fix the PS4 controller’s yellow light of death by resetting the controller and the console. You should also consider checking for software and hardware issues with the controller.

    What are the causes of the PS4 Controller Orange Light?

    Both hardware and software issues can cause the PS4 controller orange light. In some cases, there is a faulty firmware version causing the problem. In some other instances, you may have to remove the debris causing hardware issues.


    I believe these fixes helped you resolve the PS4 controller orange light issue. I recommend trying these methods in the order they are listed. This way, you can solve the orange light issue with the easiest steps—without resetting the console.


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    2. I borrowed my friend’s controller and it wouldn’t stop blinking orange I got scared that I broke it and then I looked at how to fix it and you popped up and I did everything you said to do. thank you!!

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